Fuller's Golden Pride

While most of Fuller's beers are brewed to be enjoyed, by and large, in pints, we also boast an exceptionally fine strong bottled ale, the formidable Golden Pride, which is designed to be enjoyed in smaller measures. At 8.5% ABV, it is as powerful as some wines, but bursting with flavour.

This superb quality premium beer is the equivalent of a Belgian 'Abbey Beer' or barley wine and is arguably the 'grand cru' of Fuller's bottled beers.

First launched as a 330ml bottle available to pubs, Golden Pride built a popular following, which led to the release of the 500ml bottle available in a number of major supermarkets around the UK. However, if you are lucky enough you may also catch the beer on an occasional outing as a special cask beer.

In days gone by at Christmas, as a special treat, Fuller's pub landlords would be able to keep a small barrel of draught Golden Pride on the back of the bar, dispensing to customers in strictly limited quantities. Italian fans, meanwhile, are able to enjoy this 'birra doppio malto' on tap all year round.
Tasting Notes
At 8.5% ABV, Golden Pride guarantees a superb range of flavours, that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of palates. Our brewers describe Golden Pride thus: ' deep amber in appearance, Golden Pride is full bodied, of moderate bitterness, moderately hopped and rich in malt. Full flavoured, and reminiscent of sweet orange oil, toasted grains, and bread. Rich malty aromas lead to a similarly styled palate, with an intense finish. Sweet and bitter flavours are expressed in good balance in this weighty brew.'

Or as the late Michael Jackson, beer writer and connoisseur, put it: 'the Cognac of beers'.